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Edition of simplified Chinese of RealPlayer V10.5 GOLD
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Download classification: Commonly used software Data name: Edition of simplified Chinese of RealPlayer V10.5 GOLD downloads level: Format of general tourist documentation: .exe Data size: 13.63 MB releases time: Promulgator of 2006-8-17: Divide brief introduction of station manager data: The optimal tool that watchs real time Audio, Video and Flash listens on the net. Can admire a net to go up with RealPlayer online frequency and video material. Main function includes: Supportive RealFlash function (apply to Windows 95/NT user only) ; Contain a target to press button, need to click a mouse to be able to listen to news and recreational information only; Close to the frequency effect like CD (it is only below 28.8kbps or faster join rate case) Quan Bing broadcasts image function (apply to case of tall bandwidth connection only) . Other function includes: Content channel, upgrade automatically function, smartStream technology was eliminated again amortize, search agency link, supportive MP3 format. Download address: Download address:: This locality downloadsThis locality downloads Download remotely

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