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VQ classroom
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Download classification: Learn software Data name: VQ classroom downloads level: Format of general tourist documentation: .rar Data size: 19.3M releases time: Promulgator of 2008-3-15: Brief introduction of data of Admin: "VQ video teachs a car school of home of video of complementary software VQ " was 2005 Chinese education develops a network (international learning Cheng) organize technology of technology of domestic and international Internet, communication professional scholar last a period of time a year, the major that is research and development of countrywide teacher, student can inspect speech the software system that instant communication and exercise coach. This system obtains letter of copyright of software of computer of national copyright bureau, certificate date: 2006SRBJ0359, pass attestation of number of international of Versign of American authoritative orgnaization, can stabilize in safety of whole internet sth resembling a net move.
"VQ video teachs a car school of home of video of complementary software VQ " newest version assemble is online search, the electron is white board, conversation of screen find a view, video, file is transmitted, cost of literal communication, intelligence plan, " green online software " wait for a function at an organic whole, but with Number One Scholar of the university entrance exam; Special, high teacher; Countrywide key university is in school student; Teacher of middle school of countrywide a gleam of undertakes face-to-face coach on the net, the problem that encounters on student learning is able to solve immediately.
"VQ video teachs a car school of home of video of complementary software VQ " because software takes up resource small, function is powerful, integrated whole nation's outstanding education natural resources, implementation is crossed spatio-temporal the trends natural resources of countrywide outstanding education and share immediately, teach research center, China to teach artistic seminar, China to teach evolution as national base promotion of key of 2005 whole nations and popularize project software, those who be reached social all circles by parent of teacher of countrywide student, school, student love with praise highly.
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