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Golden hill poison bully
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Download classification: Commonly used software Data name: Golden hill poison bully download level: Format of general tourist documentation: .exe Data size: 22.69 MB releases time: Promulgator of 2006-8-17: Divide brief introduction of station manager data: Golden hill poison bully since implementing Internet strategy in the round oneself, up to now till, the whole world has 18 million user to be in at least poison of use golden hill bully, and this one word is lasting with increasing the rate of 50 thousand user newly everyday grow. Golden hill poison bully newest version " golden hill is poisonous bully the 2006 suit that reduce toxin " contain prevent kill virus, prevent kill emissary software, privacy protection, prevent hacker and trojan to inbreak, prevent a network millstone of pink of fishing, file, first mail of to load, rubbish filters, , cooperate to upgrade actively in real time technology, update by the month function and upgrade at least 17 times every week virus library (include to be not weekday) , defend in the round your computer is safe! Golden hill poison bully had been a software that reduce toxin not simply, however an Internet that can prevent more network to browbeat is safe software!

A group of poison bully 2006 experiences pass date: KSDC0004529
Pass password: Zvvuyrxq
Download address:

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