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1 million static listen (Mp3 listens) V4.6.8
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Download classification: Commonly used software Data name: 1 million static listen (Mp3 listens) V4.6.8 downloads level: Format of general tourist documentation: .exe Data size: 1.99 MB releases time: Promulgator of 2006-8-17: Divide brief introduction of station manager data: Those who have own research and development is brand-new frequency engine, supportive DirectSound, Kernel Streaming and ASIO frequency shed output, 32 bit to mix plug-in unit of sound, AddIn patulous technology, have resource to take up low, moving efficiency is tall, patulous capability is strong wait for an advantage. Format of frequency of enharmonic of supportive MP3/mp3PRO, AAC/AAC, M4A/MP4, WMA, APE, MPC, OGG, WAVE, CD, FLAC, RM, TTA, AIFF, AU and music of a variety of MOD and MIDI, support file of index of CUE sound track, support possessive type to wait for the changeover of the format to WAVE, MP3, APE, WMA, can support more form through be based on the AddIn plug-in unit of COM interface broadcast and change. Supportive sampling frequency is changed (SSRC) exports way with a variety of bit, support is answered put gain, support Du Bihuan of equalizer of 10 wave band, multistage to circle, fade fades out of phonic effect, compatible can activation at the same time the phonic effect plug-in unit of many Winamp2. Bear ID3v1/v2, WMA, RM, APE and Vorbis label, supportive batch modification label and name a file again with label. Libretto scroll shows supportive synchronism and procrastinate move fixed position to broadcast, and support libretto download and libretto editor function. Support broadcasts list and frequency file search more, support a variety of vision results, use the skin that the ZIP of XML format compresses, have magnetic window, translucence at the same time / fade fades out of icon of column of shadow of the window, window, task, define shortcut key, information oneself the function such as clew of function of scroll, menu. Truly free and need not register, nonexistent also any functions or time limitation.
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