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KuGoo(cruel dog) V3.2.2.8
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Download classification: Commonly used software Data name: KuGoo(cruel dog) V3.2.2.8 downloads level: Format of general tourist documentation: .exe Data size: 6.04 MB releases time: Promulgator of 2006-8-17: Divide brief introduction of station manager data: Cruel dog is transmission software of the P2P music that is based on Chinese platform major and file. Pass KuGoo, the user is OK and convenient, quick, realize country's biggest music search to search surely, support file of music of high acoustic quality to share download, the instant communication that provides Internet and file exchange, transmit, share wait for network application.
Cruel dog has powerful search function, supportive user retrieves the data of a need quickly from inside global KUGOO user, OK still with film, game, music, software, picture is transmitted each other between the friend.
Download a function quickly: KUGOO has powerful network join function, support all sorts of network environments such as local area network, outer net, supportive breakpoint add is passed, implementation exceeds high speed to download, .
The chatting function that KuGoo had, and can be shared with the good friend transmit a document, let chat, music, download becomes more interactive, accessary still muti_function player.
The file is shared make you OK instantly with the file in him computer, data, music is shared to wait a moment jointly between associate. Build a freedom, own, safe world local area network for you. Download address:

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