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Super bunny 7.9
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Download classification: Commonly used software Data name: Super bunny 7.9 downloads level: Format of general tourist documentation: .exe Data size: 12098 KB releases time: Promulgator of 2006-12-1: Brief introduction of data of Xinze: Super bunny is a whole system safeguards a tool, the likelihood clears the your most file, rubbish that registers face of exterior and interior, at the same time still puissant software uninstalls a function, uninstall professionally can clear all records of a software inside computer.
Super bunny shares 8 big package, can optimize, the option that installs systematic great majority, make a Windows that belongs to oneself. Super bunny online demon has protection of IE rehabilitate, IE, baleful program to detect reach cleared worker worker can, still can prevent other person to browse a website, hold back pornographic website, and of port filter.
Super bunny system detects the CPU that can diagnose system of a computer, rate that shows card, hard disk, detect from this the stability of computer and speed, still disk rehabilitate and clavier detect function. Super bunny process manages appliance to network, process, window examines way, at the same time super bunny website provides the detailed information of most process, it is country's biggest process library.
Safe assistant conceals super bunny possibly disk, add secret file, backup of super bunny system is home exclusive can complete the software that saves Windows XP register a watch, solve the problem on the system thoroughly.

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