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Learning to master the scientific method to create a learning CPPCC
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Remember Engels once said: "Marx's whole world view is not a doctrine, but rather methods, it provides ready-made dogma is not, but the starting point for further research and the methodology used for this research." Is one They understand the world and change the world way, skills, it reflects the people's way of thinking, ideas, concepts, practical skills. Methods of knowledge in the learning process plays a vital role. CPPCC organizations to create learning and improve All members of the ideological, political, cultural, ability level and performance of their duties, must continue to learn, good at learning, one important aspect of mastering the scientific method of learning. CPPCC organizations to create a learning process, learning-oriented approach is very important: First solve the infinite knowledge of people's life and the limited time and energy needs of the conflict. In today's knowledge explosion of the information age, a person with limited time and energy can not have all the knowledge, even Said that even the knowledge of a particular area of expertise is difficult to learn to do. CPPCC members to the individual concerned, although the various sectors of the elite, but to varying degrees its cultural, social experience different, as the work of the job responsibilities of the different reasons Solutions for different capacities, different interests, in learning the breadth and depth requirements are also different. Therefore, learning must pay attention to methods. Second, the need to complete the historic mission. We bear the CPPCC political consultation, democratic supervision, participation in politics functions in the new situation, to fulfill their duties, they must have extensive knowledge and superb political participation Capacity, which grasp the observation, analysis of issues and the scientific method to solve the problem of the performance of their duties is very important capability. This requires us and all members of the CPPCC organizations should not only focus on learning, eager to learn, and to be good at Learning, a CPPCC organization good at learning, the key will be learning it can combine with their own goals, the study results into the practical ability to achieve their own goals. Third, deal with the new situation and challenges. With the reform and opening up and modernization of the further development of the CPPCC work is faced with many new situations and new problems and new challenges. Effective response to these challenges depends on the scientific method The master and apply. Since the National Congress Party, the CPC Central Committee put forward the scientific concept of development of major strategic thinking, emphasizing the people-oriented, comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development, emphasis on upholding the scientific governance, democratic governance, according to law, emphasizing Building a socialist harmonious society. These are rich in the important thinking of the Marxist methodology, CPPCC members need to thoroughly study and understand and practice to master the use. CPPCC organizations to create learning both philosophy and methodology need to know that the Marxist dialectical materialism and historical materialism, but also to learn and understand the specific needs of the scientific method. That with their work-related, can be To learn the methods in all subject areas. Marxist dialectical materialism in the history and practice, they are proven scientific methodology, including specific issues and problems, contradictions, opposites, universal connection and change things Development, seek truth from facts, the mass line and so are guiding us to correctly understand and transform the world of the powerful ideological weapon. At the same time the Marxist theory of induction and deduction, abstract and concrete, static and dynamic Method of combining the state, but also we need to learn and master the specific method. Create a learning organization with distinctive political Political Consultative Conference, and its fundamental purpose is to continuously enhance political consultation, democratic supervision, participation in politics in the performance of their duties capacity. To help China's Communist Party socialism with Chinese characteristics The great cause of justice, and strive to achieve, maintain, and develop the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people. So, create a learning organization must be closely integrated CPPCC opening up and socialist modernization drive to advance. The majority of CPPCC members should focus on improving the ability to solve practical problems to enhance learning and consciously use the knowledge acquired to serve the people. Life-long learning, learning must be members of the times, in order to stand tall , Far-sighted, keep sober in theory, political firm.
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