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Caring Classroom project for the Shijiazhuang one hundred poor people free of
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Hebei Normal University will be launched on November 10 "Love tutor" project, the organization has spare capacity of 100 science, physical and mental health of college students, for students from poor families free tutoring, to help in the learning and growth in their arm Of force. "Caring Classroom" project is to help the center of Hebei Normal characteristics of ground services selected by the center group of caring volunteers and college students with good academic performance in Shijiazhuang City, poor families with school work, has become Power held five. The "Caring Classroom" project, the 100 families identified through the audit as a service object, and send 100 dedicated, caring, mental health, school has spare capacity, high overall quality of "love tutor" Chi Those who are willing to provide free tutoring for students, to stimulate students interest in learning. Where have the proof of urban subsistence allowances, with the intention to free the "Volunteer tutoring" services families may be -11 on November 10 to January 17, 8:00-21:00 Hebei Normal University student enrollment at the ground to help the central office. Registration Address: Hebei Normal University East Campus Library, third floor of the West back office; Hebei Normal University Campus, Building 8, Room 119 student apartments.
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