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Chinese CEO people how to teach children to be become when father comparing head
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Chen Tianqiao is royal network president is become when father comparing head rich more important.

Na Cunhui I often give peaceful group president children people tell, I won't have a lot of money possibly to leave you, but the my poineering spirit, spirit that struggles difficultly is more precious. Still include to be taught to yours now, make you can obtain the capability of study.

President of Dong Cheng group wants Guo Jiaxue as a child free-standing, go down in whack life study. I won't let him do a business absolutely. Under the pressure that we cannot allow him all one's life to be in this kind of anguish.

Er of Yu Jinhua auspicious amounts to son of general manager of shoe estate company in Wen Zhou school of a key studies, spend 10 money to take a taxi in the morning commonly the school, afternoon criterion the route that oneself take many minutes 40 comes home. Everyday pocket money control is controlled in 5 money, come back to apply for reimbursement even. Have a meal in school dining room together with classmates midday. , the son because the person is too much, did not want to queue up, spent a few money to eat Mcdonald's to the outside, the result encountered father's criticism.

Wu Liang decides in president of treasure industry group is 4 words to filial requirement: Be learned and courteous, demeanour is statecraft of elegant, bellyful, consecratory society.

President of Inc. of attune of headroom of Li Xinghao annals these year come, the job has him wife salary is taken, I am not additional also give her money, the pocket money of family expenses and child is she will pay, I am in charge of a few larger expenses, for instance educational funds of the child. But family expenses spends very few money really, we are very managing.

President of group of sea star of flourish sea Xi'an takes the quality to the person seriously to teach, had sound moral quality, ability can have happy life.

Er of Wang Linxiang another name for Hubei province Duosiji is round president should apply for a job, I won't help her, won't arrange her to come in my company. The class that she will come to receive me is completely impossible, the road of herself lets herself go.

President of group of Hua Feng of Dalian of fine holding the post of carry I hope my children can follow the person that has quality to interact, it is the friend that hopes they can find cherish the same ideals and follow the same path at this point on one hand, also be to hope they can interact through this kind on the other hand, to oneself rise, the development of the career has profit.

Yang Zhuoshu eminent amounts to group president what I hope my child wants the first times to accomplish in the future is character and morals good. Want kind-hearted, integrity, conscientious, bemoan the state of the universe and pity the fate of humankind, changeless all one's life is high affection.

Liu Yong hopes group president child arrives as a child eastward all right big, did not get all the time special treatment, I give him extraordinary sense rarely. The child knows parental hardship, know the value of do good works, this is me most of comfort.
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