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"Mad " father plum is in relief
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Believe In Your Dreams.

Believe In Today.

Believe That You Are Loved.

Believe That You Make A Difference.

Believe We Can Build A Better World.

Believe When Others Might Not.

Believe Theres Light At The End Of The Tunnel.

Believe That The Best Is Yet To Be.

Believe In Yourself.

I Believe In You.

Li Yang

1988 Li Yang newly established " English of Li Yang insanity breaks through a law quickly " .

Li Yang was established 1994 " English of Li Yang international popularizes atelier " .

Li Yang was judged to be 2000 provide fantast colorific most: "New young person character of 10 big new fighting spirit " .

Had the honor to win 2002 " ambassador-at-large of world cup honor " title


Daughter: Li Jialin

The age: 6 years old

The toy that likes most: Bobby baby

The sport that likes most: Swim

Like the thing that do most: Picture picture, handiwork is made

The likelihood is the understanding that stems from pair of English setting culture, the Li Yang education to the daughter more apt " westernize " mode, everything advocates the child thinks independently, solve independently, finish independently. Probably, this also was Li Yang to there often cannot be a reason that is worth to comfort beside the daughter. One when also be pair of children takes exercise! Daughter Lin Lin of 6 years old and mother live in Canadian Toronto, the time that used half an year only can have said fluent English.

When Lin Lin is born, of Li Yang " mad English " had begun to spread in China with the speed like the miracle. Devote oneself to " let 300 million Chinese say fluent English " the Li Yang of the career is too busy attend to family and lovely daughter, for the word that uses him Li Yang, he is only " now and then participate in " the daughter's education just. The assignment that take care of and teachs a daughter falls on wife body entirely almost.

Although know very well father's part is right of the daughter grow have very main effect, but " cannot help doing sth " plainted to had included the ashamed with Li Yang infinite to the daughter heart to remorse.

Although Lin Lin is very long,did not see father, but every time meets, after passing brief new move, gallop like daughter or elephantine birdie in father's bosom. Be the at present on the face because of the daughter the gene symbol of too much father? Still had never been far from because of the father in hematic arteries and veins, just await that " baby daughter " arouse?

Can see father at any time in the place such as the bookshop considerably placard, it is kind in that way, familiar in that way, that sample derives from personal pride, that sample to derive from oneself and mom to be willing to support silently.

Do " mad " father

Do not cross Li Yang or have a desire, the hope can be after the daughter is 6 years old he can take out time of 9 years, accompany well accompany a daughter, all become father's liability well. But how to just calculate on responsible father? Li Yang was immersed in for this grow long reflection, this is a very earnest and serious problem. In him preparation is done with complete energy " father " before this part, he can be collected certainly and study is many and comprehensive Yo data, strive for the good father that becomes a qualification.
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